Propolis is building a world where people know how to handle their emotions and have the communication skills to interact without taboos with others, healthily and respectfully.

we are

My name is Charlotte Cotton,
and I am a French Social Change Maker.

After working for ten years in the communication corporate sector (Publicis, JCDecaux and Havas), I started social work in 2020 as a fundraiser for a Non-Profit Organization in Hong Kong while assisting in delivering Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs in a school for ethnic minority children.

For the last three years, I have also been helping social projects to launch, on the topic of menstrual hygiene and slow fashion in Udaipur, Rajasthan, with a project I co-launched called Mewar Collective.

I am now the founder and Director of Propolis.

Problem statement

Since the beginning of this century, fast and easy access to information via the internet and various social media platforms could give us the false impression that today we are able to speak freely about all matters. And still, there are several worldwide taboos that are not addressed, neither publicly nor privately.

In most countries, these taboos include topics such as sexuality, incest, illness, mental health, and death. All these topics create barriers to free exchange. At a deeper level, it also creates exclusion, stigmatisation, and trauma.


  • Equipping the youth and adults to communicate with respect and understanding on any topic.

  • Answering questions in an open and unfiltered way about all taboo subjects.

  • Teaching how to deal with emotions.


Everyone deserves the right to have answers to questions, even – and especially – if they are uncomfortable.

A safe and trusted place to answer those questions should be provided for everyone.

There is no question we cannot answer.

our work

Cultural taboos such as sexual wellness, menstruation, mental health, death are composite of the stigma and misconceptions that limit our bodies and mind, lowering the quality of life for everyone.

With Propolis, we want to create an inclusive environment where openness and understanding replace low-self esteem and shame.

Meaning of Propolis

Propolis’s etymology comes from two latin words:

  • « Pro » – meaning « in favour of »
  • and « Polis » – meaning « city »

The propolis is a natural substance created by bees to protect the hive. It also has amazing medicinal properties for humans, and it’s been used for healing open wounds since ancient Egypt.

Our Solution

Our solution is to provide the Propolis program called «  »No More Taboo! »

About the audience: We train social workers, teachers, health and corporate professionals with the following steps:

Step 1: We offer the training to the above-mentioned audience, so they get equipped with the power of story telling

Step 2: The trained staff applies the story telling method to their beneficiaries, using local language, skills and context for people to benefit fully from it.

Method: The programs consist of a series of workshops in which we, through the means of storytelling, allow the individual to detach from their problems and enable him/her to talk. On top of storytelling, we empower the beneficiaries to express themselves through drawing, writing, cooking and theatre.

The outcome of the workshop is to learn how to

About the First
Propolis Tour

What was it ?

From January to mid-March 2023, the Propolis Program « No More Taboo! » was tested on the roads of South India. We organised more than 50 sessions in 12 cities, reaching 1,000 people (beneficiaries and trainers) in 19 different organisations such as Alliance Française centres, universities for social workers, NGOs for special adults and street children.

Where was it ?

We have been through 12 different cities in South India, including Trivandrum, Kochi, Pondicherry, Chennai, Bengalore, Pune and  finishing in Mumbai.

When was it ?

It started on January 7th, 2023 and recently finished, mid March. We were on the road for 70 days in total.

What now and how can I help ?

Propolis is now coming to Europe with « No More Taboo – French Edition » to continue the impact of opening up conversations.

Get involved

It would also help if you could share the link on social networks or in groups: the more visibility we have, the faster we will reach our goal.

Can I have information on your work?

Yes, you can!

Our first Q1 2023 newsletter is out. You can read it here.

Our second Q2 2023 newsletter is out. You can read it here.

Our third Q3 2023 newsletter is out. You can read it here.

And the report of the Propolis Tour is published. You will find it here.

Please help us to continue spreading the Propolis around together! 

About the
Propolis Talk

What is it ?

Propolis Talk is a taboo-free and intimate conversation between Propolis’ Founder, Charlotte and social entrepreneurs, visionaries, activists, who are working to create radical change in their communities.

Few of the guests of this season 1:

  • Episode 1: Robert breaks taboos about blindness – listen here.
  • Episode 2: Cornelia breaks taboos about elderlies – listen here.
  • Episode 3: Gautham breaks taboos about male depression – listen here.
  • Episode 4: Oluwakemi breaks taboos about blind entrepreneur women – listen here.


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