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No more Taboos

Welcome to Propolis

Propolis is a group of young people passionate about social and cultural subjects. While conversations are starting to get real about some touchy subjects nowadays, we've noticed there's still a big issue. We're not really equipped with the right tools to talk openly about some crucial topics like sexuality, mental health, getting older, sickness, or death. All that silence around these topics just leads to problems, and everyone feels the impact in some way.

So, at Propolis, we're doing things differently. We use storytelling and different creative approaches to help people get better at talking about these taboo subjects. Our goal is simple: we want a world where nobody feels held back by taboos.

In just a year since we started, Propolis has already reached over 1,000 people, showing that there's a real need for breaking the silence and having more open conversations.

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a resinous substance bees gather from tree buds and sap, which they then mix with beeswax and enzymes. Within the hive, it serves as a protective barrier, sealing cracks and preventing the entry of harmful microorganisms. More significantly, propolis possesses remarkable healing properties, aiding in the recovery of injured bees and maintaining the overall health of the colony.

about us

Why Propolis?

In the same vein, our social organization, Propolis, employs the transformative power of words and art to address the deep-seated wounds in society—those inflicted by the silence surrounding taboo topics. We see ourselves as catalysts for healing, creating a space where open dialogue and creative expression act as the balm that nurtures understanding and connection.

Just as propolis fortifies the hive, our endeavors aim to fortify communities by fostering conversations that break through barriers and dispel the shadows cast by taboo. Our name encapsulates our commitment to being a healing force, using the potency of storytelling and artistic expression to mend the fabric of society, one taboo at a time. Welcome to Propolis, where words and art become the salve for societal healing."

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about us

Our Values

Welcome to Propolis, where our core values guide every facet of our mission and work. These principles are not just words; they form the very foundation upon which our NGO stands.


At Propolis, we believe that joy is a powerful catalyst for positive change. We approach our work with enthusiasm, celebrating the small victories and finding joy in the journey. We understand that joy is not only a destination but a companion that makes our collective efforts more vibrant and meaningful.


While joy fuels our spirit, seriousness underscores the gravity of our mission. We approach the issues we tackle with a profound commitment and a sense of responsibility. Seriousness at Propolis means acknowledging the importance of our work and the impact it has on individuals and society as a whole.


Respect is the cornerstone of our interactions—with each other, with our beneficiaries, and with the communities we serve. We recognize the inherent dignity in every individual and honor diverse perspectives. At Propolis, respect is the bedrock upon which we build understanding and collaboration.


Hope is the driving force that propels us forward. We envision a world free of taboos, and our work is fueled by the unwavering belief that change is not only possible but inevitable. Hope at Propolis is the guiding light that inspires us to persevere, innovate, and create lasting impact.

Together, these values shape the ethos of Propolis, influencing our decisions, actions, and the positive change we strive to bring to the world. As you navigate our website, we invite you to explore how these values come to life in our initiatives and join us in fostering a society where joy, seriousness, respect, and hope reign supreme."
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Meet our Team

Our strength lies in the diversity, dedication, and passion of our remarkable team. United by a common purpose—to break the silence around taboo topics and foster a world free of societal constraints—each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table.


Meet our President: Camille Bethoux

Camille is an advocate for diversity and inclusion and a professional ICF coach. Her expertise is in curating and delivering programmes specialising in professional growth, mental well-being and community empowerment.

Her work targets a broad audience, though primarily focused on those from underprivileged backgrounds in NGOs leadership roles based in Europe and Asia.

Now based in Morocco, she specialised as a psychosocial skills consultant and trainer in youth’s and young adults’ education.

Backed with over fifteen years of impactful experience supporting innovative social and educational initiatives, she happily serves Propolis as its President. This role perfectly aligns with her life goal to support those who want to shape the life they want for themselves by leveraging the power of taboo-free communication.

Her mantra: “Joy is a power. Cultivate it.”


Meet our Secretary: Nita S. Iyer

Nita, with a distinguished background as a French teacher at Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum in India for sixteen years, transitioned to her original passion, psychology.
She is now a dedicated spiritual counselor, adept at empowering clients through meditative tools and emotional resolution.

In her collaboration with Propolis, Nita assumed the role of Secretary at Propolis, a position she values for its innovative approach. Propolis, led by Charlotte and Vincent, is characterised by a commitment to positivity, incorporating joy, hope, and widespread respect into their work ethic.
Nita resonates with this ethos and appreciates Propolis’ unwavering dedication to making a positive impact.

Her mantra: “Bring out your authentic self. The world needs genuine people.”


Meet our Co-founder: Vincent Chiu

Theatre actor, dancer, drama teacher, and Pilates instructor – Vincent has worked in the creative arts and fitness industry since 2013. He has performed in many community-based creative projects, danced among well-known singers in large stadiums, and taught drama and dance to primary and secondary school students. Always on the move, Vincent now shares his passion for Pilates with a wide audience – ranging from the young to the old, from private to large groups, he aims to help people move and live better. Inspired by the vision of Propolis, Vincent joined Charlotte in the “No More Taboo” India tour this year, utilizing his performing and teaching skills to open up conversation around taboo topics. He is now the co-founder of Propolis and strives to cultivate joy and hope in often difficult life circumstances. He believes that everyone deserves to have their voices heard, and that respect for the community is the answer to many societal issues.

His mantra: ”Everybody deserves to be heard.“


Meet our co-founder: Charlotte Cotton

Charlotte, a 34-year-old French graduate in Marketing and Communication, with a decade of experience in Asian communication agencies, transitioned from the corporate world in 2019. She became a fundraising manager for a Hong Kong NGO and an assistant for sexuality education, igniting her passion for addressing taboos.

In 2021, after a life-changing working trip to India, she founded Mewar Collective, an NGO in Rajasthan, empowering rural girls and women to discuss menstruation. A year after, she co-founded Propolis, a social organisation dedicated to open conversations about sexuality, mental health, and death, challenging societal silence on these crucial topics.

Among the 4 Propolis core values (joy, seriousness, respect and hope), the one that resonates the most is hope.

Her mantra: “Because you are alive, everything is possible.”

Propolis, a dynamic collective of passionate individuals, is committed to unraveling societal taboos through the transformative power of words and art. With a mission to break the silence surrounding crucial subjects like sexuality, mental health, and aging.

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