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No More Taboo!

The first Propolis Tour for the program "No More Taboo!" was running from January to March 2023 in South India.
It has been a great learning experience and confirming the following facts:

1. No matter from which social background people are coming, there are still immense blockages to communicating on taboo topics.

We had the chance to conduct 54 workshops and "train the trainers" to reflect on different social topics such as:
- how to allow ourselves to dream in a demanding community
- how to spot abuse and learn how to say no
- how to embrace our differences and accept them
- how to make our own decision and have a critical mind.

2. People are willing to talk, even if the communication is difficult at first.
With the Propolis workshops, we help beneficiaries to communicate using a tool call "storytelling" l, where we tell a story that seems far away from their reality. By using drawing, script writing, and performing, beneficiaries slowly come to reflection and can open up on personal stories, like testimonials of being bullied and abused.

3. The current top-down educational system is not making a long-lasting impact on people's mind. Placing beneficiaries at the center of the workshop encourages them to come out of their comfort zone.
At Propolis, we like to repeat that we are not teachers and that beneficiaries are not students. There is no expectation and no comparison, all that is needed is effort and engagement for communication to happen.
Also, by making our beneficiaries move their body (the physical part of the program has been made by Vincent Chiu, co-founder) a lot of emotions and tensions are released, helping to start a conversation."

Propolis Tour Numbers

70 days on the road

12 South Indian cities

1000 beneficiaries in 19 various organisations

7 stories created and tested on themes such as dreaming, bullying, abuse, sexuality...

Propolis, a dynamic collective of passionate individuals, is committed to unraveling societal taboos through the transformative power of words and art. With a mission to break the silence surrounding crucial subjects like sexuality, mental health, and aging.

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